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Student Employee Forms and Federal Eligibility

To be eligible to commence work on Bowdoin’s campus and to be in compliance with federal law, all students must first complete the following employment eligibility paperwork before attending a job training session or starting a first shift. Please note that students who have not yet been hired via the Student Employment Office (SEO) website may not begin working.


Please print out and complete the following form using the instructions below BEFORE you visit the SEO. [Read below for the specific pages you will need to print.]

NOTE: You MUST fill these documents out in INK PEN (and not pencil. Also, no white-out allowed.)  And, for all of these forms, please use your home (permanent/legal) street address.  It cannot be a P.O. Box. 

1) Federal I-9

2) Federal W-4 Form   (Complete this form Online during Workday Onboarding.)

3) State of Maine W-4 Form (Complete this form Online during Workday Onboarding)

4) Student Employee Direct Deposit Form  (Complete this form Online during Workday Onboarding)

Note: See section with a blue header below called "After your Paperwork has been submitted, here's what happens next" to get an understanding of the steps in a student hire and advice on Workday Onboarding.

All four of these forms are REQUIRED.  Please let the SEO know if you need assistance with establishing a bank account for Direct Deposit.

Important Note for International Students: Click Here to review a separate set of steps for employment eligibility. You will complete a different employment eligibility process.



Federal I-9 (Verification of Identification and U.S. Employment Eligibility)

• Complete PAGE 7 of the Federal I-9 form. Please PRINT and bring in only PAGES 7 & 8.
• You MAY SIGN and date all of your documents as long as you already have a verbal job offer.
• ADD your Bowdoin Student ID and your Smith Union (SU) Box number to the top of PAGE 7 of your I-9 form, like this:

I-9 Screenshot

• Please leave PAGE 8 blank. A representative from Student Employment will complete Section 2.
• Review the list of required identification documents on PAGE 9. Expired documents, photocopies, scans, or faxes are not acceptable. Please do not mail any documents. You will need to present these documents in person when you submit your forms.

Federal W-4 Form (Tax form)

• This form will show up in your Workday inbox and you will complete it during the Onboarding process.  
Student Employment is here to help you, but please ask your parents or a financial advisor for assistance with claiming exemptions (Lines A-H). We can answer general questions about W-4 forms, but we cannot provide specific tax advice. [We hope to have a document with helpful instructions soon].
• If you have questions about whether or not you are “Exempt,” read our Guidelines for Completing a Form W-4.

State of Maine W-4 Form (Tax form)

• This form will show up in your Workday inbox and you will complete it during the Onboarding process. It is similar to the Federal version of the W-4 form.  Please ask Student Employment or your parents if you have questions about claiming withholdings.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form (Payroll Form)

• This form will show up in your Workday inbox and you will complete it during the Onboarding process.

• To help us meet our goal of delivering pay in the quickest and most secure manner, effective June 1, 2015 students will be required to receive their payroll funds by direct deposit. After signing up for Direct Deposit, your first paycheck will be available for pick-up at the Bursar's (Controller's) Office. Bowdoin must go through a pre-notification process to ensure that your bank account information is communicated correctly between Bowdoin and your bank. Your second check should be deposited directly, but you will want to check your accounts to be sure everything processed properly.

Students who do not establish a direct deposit account will be required to pick up their paychecks from the Controller’s Office each payday. The Controller’s Office staff will assist students with the Direct Deposit Authorization Form at that time.     

After your paperwork has been submitted, here’s what happens next:

1) You must notify your supervisor directly that you have submitted your I-9 paperwork to the Student Employment Office (SEO).
2) Student Employment delivers your paperwork to Bowdoin Human Resources.
3) Human Resources will activate your employment record in Workday.
4) As soon as this happens, your supervisor can hire you through the Workday website.  
5) After you're hired, you then need to complete the Workday Onboarding process ASAP. Here is a handy Onboarding Guide.

For students who have previously worked on campus:

Once you have completed these four forms, you are eligible to work on campus in any job during your years here as a student. If you are a returning student who has already completed the forms in a prior year, there are two instances in which you may want to update your forms:

• You claimed “Exempt” on your Federal and State W-4 forms. Students claiming exempt may need to fill out new W-4 forms every year in January at the start of a new calendar year.
• You wish to change your direct deposit account information.