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Supervisor FAQ and Useful Links

[Note: We are working on adding more Questions and Answers to this page. Check back soon for updates. If you have suggestions or corrections, please contact us at]

General Questions
Raises, Stipends, Pay Grades and Rates
Hours and Schedules
Using the SEO Website
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Additional Resources and Links

General Questions


Raises, Stipends, Pay Grades and Rates

Hours and Schedules

Using the SEO website


Still Need Help?

Additional Resources & Links

When can a student begin working?

Students can begin working after completing the Federal Employment Eligibility form (I-9), Federal and State tax forms (W-4), and then being hired by a supervisor via the Student Employment website. Students can not be hired until their completed Federal Employment Eligibility form (I-9) and Federal and State tax forms (W-4) have been received by our office and processed by HR (as indicated by the student showing up as a "Pre-Hire" in Workday. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Please note that students who have not yet been hired in Workday may not begin working.  (Supervisors with questions about this policy may call the SEO at x3144.) Compliance with this rule assures that Bowdoin is in compliance with Federal employment law.

All students employed by the College must complete the Federal I-9 and Federal and State W-4 tax forms before starting work. You must present, in person, identification documents to an authorized* representative of the college. Photocopies are not acceptable. Students may want to discuss their tax withholding status with their parents or an accountant prior to completing the W-4 forms. Our staff may not offer tax advice to students. International students seeking employment should read our guidelines and are required to consult with the Student Employment Office before seeking work.

*The following employees are authorized to authenticate your identification documents and provide you with a Federal I-9 and Federal and State W-4 tax forms:
Manager of Student Employment
Debbie Miller, Administrative Assistant, Athletics
Tricia Gipson, Manager of Cash Operations and Student Employment, Dining Service
Staff Members in the Student Employment Office  

The Office of Student Employment is located in Ashby House.

How do I hire a student?

Please visit for instructions.

General notes: Determine how many hours per week you need assistance and how many students you will require. Keep in mind that the typical student works 5 to 8 hours a week as a first-year, and 6 to 10 hours a week as an upper-class student. Students should not work more than 20 hours per week during the academic year and not more than 40 hours per week during breaks. (For more information, read the following.) Don't forget to review your department budget. Your budget must support 100% of the the student employee's wages, regardless of whether or not your student has Federal Work Study (FWS).

You may wish to post notices on campus, or if you are hiring for an academic department, ask professors to mention the opening to their classes. However, you must hire all students through the Student Employment website. A student may NOT begin working until the student is officially and completely hired through the process described below.


Do I need to rehire my student employee every semester? Or at the start of the summer?
Employers need to rehire student employees at the start of the fall semester and at the beginning of the summer.

How do I rehire a student?
The process is the same as hiring a new student (see above). The good news is that you can be assured that the student has completed their eligibility paperwork. It is important to remember when to rehire a student.
What is Listed, Review Mode, or Storage?

There are three possible stages for a job listing on the Student Employment Website:

  • If your job listing is viewable to students through the online job listings and is currently receiving applications, the job is listed.
  • Jobs in storage are not open for hiring, and there are no openings or applications attached to the job listing. You may edit a job listing's attributes while it remains in storage, but you may not hire a student while a job is in storage. To hire a student, you need to edit the job's number of openings and move the job to listed or review mode. [example] In addition, if you move a listed or review mode job into storage, all of the applications attached to this job will be deleted. This is a helpful clean-up tool. You want to have the previous year's (or semester's) job applicants cleared from the listing so that the only applications attached to a job that is moved to listed will be new applications. (Note: it is not possible for us to manually delete old job applications once your job is listed or in review. The only function that deletes job applicants attached to a listing is to move it to storage.)
  • Jobs in review mode are in a state between storage and listed. Jobs in review mode are not viewable by applicants. However, unlike jobs in storage, you can review applications in this mode. You can also edit a job listing in this mode and move it to storage or relist it.
Why should a job be listed? Why should a job be in review mode or storage? How do I move a job listing into Storage?
  • Listed jobs are open for applications and hiring.
  • Jobs should only be in review mode if the employer is currently hiring students or reviewing applications. It is often convenient to move a listed job to review mode once you have received enough applications to yield a candidate. In review mode, you can then review the attached applicants without being overburdened with more applications.
  • In all other circumstances, your job should be in storage. Jobs can be moved into storage from the Control Panel.
  • To move a Listed or Review Mode job listing with no applications attached into storage:
  1. From your Control Panel click on Manage Job. [example]
  2. If you have no applications attached to your job listing [example], click on the Storage link in the Update Status section. You will be prompted to confirm the closing.
  3. Simply click to Close Job. [example]
  • To move a Listed or Review Mode job listing with applications attached into storage:
  1. From your Control Panel click on Manage Job. [example]
  2. Click on the Storage link in the Update Status section. [example]
  3. You will now see a warning page notifying you that there are applications attached to this job and requesting you to confirm the closing. [example]
  4. You may print out a printable list of applicants for your records. [example] Heed the warning! Once you close the job, your applications will be permanently deleted. There is no way for us to retrieve most application data once you close the job. However, we do keep records of your hires. It is important to remove applications attached to a job listing by placing it in storage so that the job listing can be used in the future and new applicants can be attached, reviewed, and hired.
  5. Finally, click to Close Job. [example]
How do I move a job in Storage into Listed or Review Mode?
There are good reasons to have your job in storage (see why here). You can edit a job in storage, but you can not hire a student into a job listing that is in storage. (Read here for a detailed explanation of storage, listed, and review mode.) To move a job from storage into listed or review mode, follow the instructions below:
  1. From your Control Panel, find your job listing and select Manage Job. [example]
  2. If you want to receive applications for this job, you want to make the job listed. Click on the Listed link in the Update Status section. [example] You will be prompted to save this change and send the listing to the Manager of Student Employment for review (a required step to confirm your job settings are correct). [example]
  3. If you want to hire students for this job, but you do not want the job listed (i.e. open to receiving online applications from students) you should place the job in review mode. Click on the Review Mode link in the Update Status section. [example] Please select to, "Have job reviewed for approval before being sent to Review Mode." This will assure that your job settings are correct. [example] After the job is approved, you will receive an auto-response email notifying you that the job is available in Review Mode.
How do I review applications? How do I send greetings and rejections?
(NOTE: you may still manually hire a student into a listed or review mode job listing even if you do not have an application attached. See hire a student.)
  1. Go to your Control Panel.
  2. Find your listed job or job in review mode.
  3. Click on the link to View Applicants. [example] (Typically, you will receive an email with each new application. You may click on the link in that email to direct you to the specific application. )
  4. At the View Applications page, you can Preview new applications, View previously viewed or new applications, begin the hiring process by clicking Hire, Flag applicants, send greetings, or send rejections. You can also sort the table by application date, first name, last name, or email address. [example] Note: Please encourage students to use Bowdoin email addresses (i.e. We have had problems with messages from our site being sent directly to spam in some non-Bowdoin email applications.
  5. Use the Greeting function [example] to ask any student for more information or invite them to interview. Use the Rejection function [example] to inform any students that the student will not be or are no longer being considered for the job listing. You can edit the text provided, or utilize the default text. You can use comma separated lists for multiple students. Note: if you have more than one student apply for the job, you will be invited, at the end of the hiring process, to send a general e-mail out to all applicants you did not choose to let them know that the job was filled. Once you have greeted or rejected an applicant, you will see "Greeted" or "Rejected" in the left column on the View Applications page.
  6. We recommend that you give preference to a student who does not currently have a job over an equally qualified candidate who already has a job on campus. There are more jobs on campus than available students, so it is best to spread opportunity.
  7. (Optional) Interview the most promising applicants. During the interview, it is appropriate to discuss job responsibilities and expectations for the semester, including expectations during the reading and exam periods, as well as work possibilities during school breaks.
  8. During any greeting or interview, please remind students that they must complete their employment eligibility paperwork. Please remember that most student positions require an hourly wage (and not a stipend) in order to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act. There are some exceptions. The Controller's Office offers some guidelines, which you should consult before offering a student a stipended position.
How does a student get paid?
Does a student need to use Workday to log hours?

All hourly student employees must use Workday to submit hours for payment.  Once students have been officially hired by a campus supervisor in Workday, they will be able to submit hours to be paid.  Again, please note that students who have not yet been hired in Workday may not begin working.  (Supervisors with questions about this policy may call the SEO at x3144.)

Federal and Maine wage and hour laws require employees to enter their hours within the pay period in which the hours are actually worked. Any adjustments to hours reported in a previous pay period require special attention. The Payroll office requires a Prior Pay Period Adjustment Form for such purposes.

Students should enter their hours frequently throughout the two week pay period, but they only need to submit them once at the end of the pay period. Supervisors are required to review, adjust and approve these time entries by 10:00 am on the Monday prior to payday—or as indicated in the payroll schedule.

Students are paid on the Friday following payroll approval. The payroll schedule can be found here. Direct deposit request forms are available at the Office of Student Employment or on the Controller's Office website. Please submit completed direct deposit forms to the Office of Student Employment.

Information about raises can be found here.

I don't know how to use Workday. Can you help?

The Payroll staff in the Controller's Office and the staff in Student Employment have created great online resources and tutorials on how to use most functions in Workday.

If you have additional questions, you may want to contact theWorkday assistance line. The Student Employment Office (SEO) can answer many Workday questions. We can be reached at 725.3144 or at

Information about raises can be found here.

Where can students get help with Workday?

Generally, supervisors should give specific training to student employees on how to use Workday, but many students will learn the system from their peers as well.  The Student Employment office is here to assist you. 
How can I give my student a raise?

Raises for students who have already been hired through the Student Employment website must be processed manually in Workday by the SEO. (Once a student is hired, editing the hire data on the SEO site will not be reflected in Workday. Thus, the SEO must make all pay rate changes manually.)

Any request for a student employee raise should be directed to the Manager of Student Employment at 725.3144

If you have not yet hired or rehired a student who has earned a raise, then you can enter that pay rate directly in Workday.

*Before giving any student a raise or contacting us with a raise request, please review Bowdoin's policy on student employee raises.

Can I pay my student a stipend (i.e. a one-time or occasional fixed-amount check) or honorarium?
In most circumstances, to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, a student must be paid an hourly wage. There are some exceptions. The Controller's Office offers some guidelines, which you should consult before offering a student a stipend position. If you have questions about offering a stipend, please contact the Manager of Student Employment. Supervisors and faculty should consult with the Manager of Student Employment before offering a stipend payment and before the student provides a service.
Can a student work overtime?

During the academic year, as a general guideline, students should not work more than 20 hours per week.

During breaks and the summer, supervisors should schedule students so that a student does not work over 40 hours per week (in total for all departments where the student is employed). The Office of Student Employment strongly encourages departments to monitor student schedules to prevent overtime. This is most pertinent to supervisors of students working on campus during breaks in the academic calendar, including fall break, winter break, spring break and the summer. Furthermore, we request that employers review a student's time commitments prior to employment. It is also incumbent upon the employee to communicate with supervisors upon taking a second or multiple jobs about previous time commitments.

For more information about overtime pay and student employees, please review our student employment payroll policies.

How do I create a new job?

This the most common question the SEO receives.

To begin, login.

The view you now see is your Control Panel. Here you can add a new job.
If you have only one employer group for which you are a supervisor, here is a view of what you will see. Select the link, "Add a new job for [Department]."
If you are a supervisor for more than one employer group, here is a view of what you will see. Select the appropriate employer from the drop down list. The link to, "Add a new job for [Department]" will now appear below the drop down list [example] of what this will look like).

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 725.3144 or at

Do my students need to sign a Confidentiality Agreement?

Please require all of your student employees—even those who will not be asked to handle delicate information—to complete the Student Employee Confidentiality Agreement at the beginning of employment and each academic year thereafter. Please keep these on file at the supervisor's office. (Do not send the agreements to the Student Employment office or Human Resources. We will send them back.) Departments must use our standared Confidentiality agreement (available here). You may use another agreement only with explicit authorization from the Student Employment Office or Human Resources. Employee violations of the signed Agreement should be brought to the attention of the Office of Student Employment or Student Affairs immediately.

Still need help?

Call or Email:
Student Employment Office
Phone: (207) 725-3144
Fax: (207) 725-3864

Manager of Student Employment
Phone: (207) 725-3971

Visit: The Office of Student Employment is located at Ashby House.

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